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see Amber~Mations in a group show!

Amber~Mations in a show?! What?!

Hi blog followers! I’m having a show this weekend at the Red Dot Gallery in Sacramento! Please stop by and say hello at the reception fro 5-9pm tomorrow or check it out all month long! The gallery is located on 2231 J Street in Sacramento! Hope to see you there!


Back in Action

I finally finished my semester! It was an extremely difficult semester full of sleep deprivation and animation but its over!! I am back at work in my studio after only a couple of days break because I have a show at the Red Dot Gallery in Sacramento on February 9th and I’d like to show some new work–here’s a sneak peak at what I’ve been doing–more sketches to come soon!

I’m trying to develop a process for painting and on work on these few in the same way for each one–What I’ve been doing is drawing a very detailed image, tracing the image on to vellum with a pen and doing an image transfer to get it to the canvass–I want my new paintings to have more volume and shape so I’m working for create a strong under painting in sepia before doing the details–hopefully it all pays off!

Sketchin’ Lots!

I’m making an effort in the next few weeks to re-do my portfolio to display the right stuff in a professional way.  Lately I’ve been feeling like I haven’t been doing anything–apparently that’s not true–look at all these sketchbooks!



These are all pretty much full–give or take a page (I find it really hard to draw on the last page of a sketchbook–not sure why)–now back to work!

This is finally starting to look like animation–and Sybil is back! My idea for this assignment was Sybil pulling a trunk out from under her bed!

Check it out on my Tumblr site  unfortunately WordPress wants you to upgrade to load videos–which makes me sad, but you’ll just have to click the link and take my word for it that its awesome!

New Works

Some in-progress shots of some new work! It should be an exciting 2nd Sat!

Work in Progress!

Storyboaring Again!

These are some roughs for my storyboarding class–probably many, many changes ahead but here’s my take on a couple of people walking down the street and something falls from the sky–how does it read??

Loving this storyboaring stuff? Checkout my other one over at my tumblr–http://www.tumblr.com/ambermations


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