So I haven’t posted in a while mostly which is mostly because I haven’t really made anything I liked for my illustrator class yet. I’ve finished the assignments, but I’m not thrilled the compositions for the last two weeks. However! this week I had a really clear idea about what I wanted to do. This week is stylized images using objects and I really wanted to represent some of the female characters from Sharon Penmann’s novels (because they’re the real reasons I love her stories) so I’ve made a grail (like the holy grail) for each character.

The first one I’ve finished so far is Rhiannon


Rhiannon is one of Sharon Penmann’s purely fictional characters, she’s Welsh and married to Maude’s Welsh half brother. She’s also intelligent, sensible and strong willed and blind but everyone is surprised when they find out. :-p The flowers on the cup I think might be the Welsh state flower (I googled ‘Welsh Flowers’ and a million pics of these little yellow flowers came up).

More images of the rest of my favorite characters will come later (hopefully today!)



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