And the rest! :)

Hi Again! 🙂

I just finished the all of the 6s (now just to get the all fixed and I wont have to do anymore crazy all nighters again!)

Here’s the rest of the characters:



(not to be confused with MaudE) She’s Maude’s spit-fire young niece.  She was married to the rash and overbearing Earl of Chester who often frightened even other men but she could keep him in line :-P.  It really seemed like no one else could have been married to Chester because few people could stand up to him like Maud.  I always imagined her as short but with a big personality and I hope some of this comes through in my design :-P.



Maude is the main character in the first of Sharon Penman’s books.  She was supposed to be crowned Queen of England in her own right but her cousin Stephen was crowned first.  Maude waged a war against Stephen that lasted decades and finally saw her son, Henry II, crowned King of England.  Maude is intelligent, strong willed and resilient and continued to fight for her crown even when her own supporters were reluctant to see a woman rule.



Eleanor of Aquitaine defied many of the rules for women during her time, she divorced her first husband (Louis) and married the soon to be King of England Henry II.  She sought out and chose to marry Henry because she not only  liked him (at first) but also wanted to see herself as ruler both England and Aquitaine.  Eleanor retained the rights to Aquitaine and later feuded with Henry less because of his new found girlfriend, Rosamund, than because he constantly undermined her right to rule the Aquitaine.  Eleanor was later taken prisoner by Henry because she lead a rebellion against him with her sons and the French King.  She’s intelligent, opinionated, and has a good eye for politics.  I think she clashed most with Henry because they were both stubborn and opinionated…Henry wanted Rosamund because she tells him what he wants to hear, but he’s really in love with Eleanor!

Hope you like them! 🙂


2 thoughts on “And the rest! :)

  1. Wow, I really like all of these -The metal really looks like metal and the glass really looks like glass! … I can’t decide which I like best, I keep changing my mind. I like the font you chose too!

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