I’m Still Here!


I’m still working on the card project (almost done actually) but I haven’t posted in a while because I got side tracked by graduate school research and then had to rescue some files from a smooched car.  That’s right, a big honking truck ran over our little car and my computer was in the trunk! (What a perfect end to a disappointing trip to grad school portfolio reviews) but the good news is the flash drive survived and I have lots to upload :)!


Below are my (almost) finished 7s cards, I still have to put the finishing touches on the last two, but here’s the two completed ones.

Enter Excile
Eleanor loses the rebellion and faces an uncertain fate exhiled by her own husband
Finding Rosamund
Finding Rosamund

Unfortunately, I’ve just remembered that the theme for the 7s was narrative and this is out of order…but I’ll post them all in order as soon as the rest are finished. 🙂  For this assignment the narrative was supposed to be the downfall of Henry and Eleanor’s marriage, beginning with Eleanor finding Rosamund and Henry’s reluctance to let her rule over her own land (Aquitaine) and ending in her rebellion and exile.  (but for now you’ll just have to imagine the other two :-P)


The 8s and 9s will come later (I’d like to refine those a bit more before I post them too, I had to turn them in for class on time but they’re missing important elements.  However I did get full credit! So it was worth it)


Finally, Here’s the 10s:

These are more loosely related to my theme because this week’s assignment was patterns, all backgrounds were made by creating a repeating pattern :). It wasn’t easy, but it worked!

Phoenix Pattern
Medieval Design
Medieval Design
Medieval Design 2
Medieval Design 2
Tree of Life
Tree of Life

And don’t worry, the missing designs will follow, and more regularly!

I’m also starting a couple of new projects I hope to start posting, if I can just get a hang of this time management thing!




2 thoughts on “I’m Still Here!

  1. OOOOO….I really like the Tree of Life – I hadn’t seen that one yet. I like your 7s too. When you are done with this project you could turn these into a set of greeting/note cards or posters, etc. These are awesome!

  2. Wow, your backgrounds are amazing! I wish I could make the pictures bigger so I could see the backgrounds big – they’re so cool! I really like your tree too, and your Rosamund card, her dress came out really good, it looks like fabric!


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