I’m still around but I’ve been in finals week for what feels like 2 weeks instead of one! Both projects turn into all nighters x.x (and I thought I was done with that in undergrad!!!) but after some sleep I finally have time to post them :).

For my AfterEffects class I created a 30 second animation of my ‘imaginary’ …I mean future…animation studio.  I heard somewhere that they way people get rich is to always imagining being rich…but if that’s true I should probably be a millionaire because I have endless plans for what I’m going to do when I’m a wealthy animator :-P.

My delusions aside :)…welcome to Ambermations :)…this is intended to be the intro to my demo reel…and after I fix it a little (I think some of the images weren’t rendered as vectors and some of the movement could use some work too).

Here goes….(but stop after 32 seconds, some how I rendered out some blank frames :(…)

What’d you think?

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