New Years Resolutions!

This year I’ve tried to make a few New Years resolutions that are actually feasible.  Normally my New Years resolutions have been vague, impossible, and ultimately unachievable…like last year ‘get into grad school’ or ‘make better art’.  Or I never wrote them down and forgot what they were…However, this year I started with:

1. make resolutions that are actually achievable (so I guess I have to throw out my Julie/Julia project idea because ‘blog about a project’ wasn’t getting me very far)

2. exercise more/eat healthier (this one might as well be thrown out too–I spent the last 4 days saying ‘but I’m on vacation I’ll start that when I go back to work/school and don’t have time to just sit and eat’…then got home from work today and lost track of how many slices of pizza I’d eaten for dinner.   I think I stopped at 4 and a cupcake.)

3. Start a Zazzle shop~BINGO! This one I actually did, in fact I did more than just start-I even wrote the description section I’d put off all yesterday!

(and in a minute I’m going to blog about that…so keep reading :-P)

4. Make more animations …haven’t exactly started on that yet

5. Draw more (talk about specific)

6. Paint. (I haven’t done this since graduating 😦 and I want to start again)

7. Be more like Eleanor of Aquitaine/Scarlett O’Hara and less like Liz Lemon!

….and probably many more to come!

So faithful readers (WordPress tells me I have about an average of 2, Thanks mom and Tara): what are your New Years Resolutions? So far how many have you abandoned?


One thought on “New Years Resolutions!

  1. Now that it is november it would be a good time to start reflecting back on your resolutions what have you accomplished, and what will have to be pushed forward to next year?

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