Productive Break..?

So I’ve been out of work for two weeks and out of school for 3 on winter break and I made a list 3 pages long in my faux-moleskin planner thingie of things I plan to do over the break. I’ve got about 4 days left before classes start again and I’m not very far along the list at all because I’ve got a million things started but nothing finished.

So far, I’ve played with ideas for 3 animated shorts but didn’t get much past that, I’ve thought about graduate school, emailing people about programs etc. but once again, I didn’t get past thinking about it. And the list of things I thought about doing but didn’t goes on forever…or…more like 2 more pages…

So what did I do with my time off?
I did….some sketching:

(here’s a page that actually came out looking good, the top image is of my Kitty Hershey sleeping in a bean bag chair and the bottom image is of my sister…’cept I was trying to be sneaky and not let her know I was drawing her…)

When I was done with that, I DID start my Zazzle Shoppe and actually make   some new designs too!

And here’s the newest design (and hopefully more if the rest of this week is as productive as this morning…):

So Happy early Valentines Day! You can stock up on Valentines supplies at:

Not only is this a new design, but it also comes on new items like ties!

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