12 Years.

A few days ago a friend of my posted this link on my Facebook page.  Its by another artist struggling to find work after graduation (I think), basically he points out that we always expect to be the exception.  That we expect to graduate and find a job that pays millions (check), to immediately find a job in our field (also check), and to find immediate success in our chosen field (BIG check!).  Yep, I thought graduating from college meant an awesome job was waiting for me and I’d obviously be super successful at it, (I mean I graduated with Honors from UCD didn’t I?) Well…none of this happened and its been making me CRAZY!  but as the video points out it takes an average of 12 years to make it in the creative field…12 YEARS!!! and in that time about 80% of people who originally entered the field drop out.

For me, its been about 6 months, I still work part time and spend the rest of my time that’s not on the bus working on improving my portfolio, managing my new Zazzle shop, and thinking of independent art projects to work on(however little I’ve finished).  This video just made me think that maybe I’m not so bad off, I’ve only given this creative thing 6 months, I’ve got 11 years and 6 months left and then at least 80% of the competition will drop off 😛 and the kids in the High School I work at or graduating from art school (or God forbid, Ringling *shudder*) are not taking my jobs…most of them will spend their 12 years in the same position (but in more debt).

So….eventually all this creative stuff will work out… keep watching, and buy something from my Zazzle shop and stick in a closet…in 12 years or so it’ll be worth A LOT! (or so I hope)


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