Hello all!

I’ve finally gotten around to scanning and uploading some of my sketches.  I’d intended this to be a weekly post of all the ‘cafe drawings’ or not-so-stealthy drawings of innocent by-standers at the MU and other coffee shops I do, but that didn’t exactly work out.  Last weekend I was away from my scanner and the weekend before I was fighting with my computer yet again (its lucky it hasn’t gone flying out a window yet).  But today I’ve made time, after an 2 or so block run in under 3 minutes to catch a bus I’ve cut 2-hours out of my commute (my old PE teachers would be floored!, it used to take me 15+ minutes to run a mile) And as a result, I finally time to think, eat, and work on homework at a reasonable hour of the night!

These are just some of the ideas I’ve been playing with, ideas for new animations, games, flash ideas.  It’s mostly stuff I work on when I’m bored or waiting for a bus. Really the majority of it is ideas that are put on hold until a later date.  Like most people, I can think of a million things I’d rather do while I’m at work, doing homework I don’t enjoy, or sitting next to crazy people on the bus but when I finally get some free-time my brain goes blank and I can’t remember anything I wanted to work on.  It seems like a simple solution but it took me a couple of years to get in the habit of writing these things down.  And that’s why I always have a sketchbook  (or 2) in my bag and how they became half sketchbook, half notes…My brain gets full and I forget all the fun stuff I wanted to work on for me when I’m trying finish all the daily life and work stuff.

I’ve also been trying to keep sketching and filling sketchbooks so I don’t get out of practice while I’m not in school.  I actually miss college a lot! I feel like I didn’t really use the resources that well and didn’t take advantage of it…ahh! if I could just do it again! ….well there’s always grad school :)!

Here’s hoping I run fast and catch that bus everyday! 🙂

Stay tuned for an updated animation…hopefully soon and some more sketches!



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