Take that Ringling!

So this is where I’ve been for the last few weeks:

*For best viewing, click on the video and watch it in the real youtube….the resolution of this is kinda sucky*

I’ve been MIA lately because I’ve been trying to squeeze in some time for my own projects in between a couple of jobs and a couple of (BORING) classes.

THIS HAS BEEN ONE FRUSTRATING PROCESS: I started this animation over last summer to sort of stick it to Ringling because I found out I couldn’t actually attend after I got accepted.  When I started I had no idea whether it would work…I just had an idea for a story (and not a very developed one at that!) and 50 sheets of tracing paper.  After adding another 50 frames I was starting to feel like I was failing and that none of my poses were working.  100 frames in and I was about to throw it away…so instead I started scanning (quite a task when I was moving between 2 vastly outdated machines….and even now my scanner crawls like a decaffinated snail to produce an image).  Even then it seemed like it wasn’t working, everything zipped across the page and you could barely blink before the animation was over.  😦 and I almost threw it all away again…

THEN…I started reading ‘Animator’s Survival Kit’ and WOW! where has my head been?? That book has sat on my shelf for almost a year, collecting dust, moving from one apartment to another and always sitting right next to my desk waiting for me to read it.  But this week I exhausted all the books I have in my apartment to read on the 4+ hour (ugh!) commute to and from work….so I picked it up again.  Here I was re-inventing the wheel when the instructions sat right next to me all the time! and the first shock I got was that most actions in cartoons are done in ‘2s.’ 2s??? I only had to do 12 frames??? So I went back and copied each image and what a difference! There will be more of this animation to come (and others!) I wont abandon it yet…and now that I’ve acquired a computer than can keep up with my projects and ideas (almost) there should be even more!


I also promise a better written post next time.  I woke up at 5am to try to be more productive….I was very productive but I”m also very tired… 😛

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