Zazzle Update!

Last week I made my first sale at my Zazzle Shop! I sold 50 sheets of my “Mystic Goblet” stationary :).

Mystical Goblet Stationary
I sold 50 of these!

This came as a complete surprise because I haven’t done too much marketing or new uploads to the shop recently. I’ve been busy with class and somewhere between 3 and 4 jobs. (yay…work…>.<) and haven’t really kept up with joining fan clubs or commenting on other work and I’d thought that most Zazzlers had forgotten about Amber~Mations…nope!  50 is a pretty big sale for the first one so I’m really excited about it…I’m inching closer and closer to being considered a professional artist!

After recieving the news that my Zazzle Shoppe was functioning and someone out that is actually looking at my stuff, i was inspired to make some more! So I uploaded a few images that have been sitting on my flash drive for a few weeks:

Elegant Wedding Card
Elegant Wedding Card

The first is a set of Wedding congratulations cards and Thank You cards.  This was actually a design I made for a co-workers wedding but I didn’t get time to print it out before we left for the ceremony…too bad I didn’t know weddings always run 3 hours late!

This is a design I created for one of my Flash animations.  If I have a quarter life crisis and realize I still can’t drive at 30, I will buy one of these…it will be an obnoxious green (and sparkly) scooter with bumper stickers and it will not will ‘meep’ 🙂

Hope you enjoy the new images! Check out my Zazzle Shop here: Amber~mations Shoppe


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