Animation Continues!


Its been a while since I’ve written something other than Zazzle updates.  About a month ago as I was searching for something to read during  my daily 5-ish hours of bus commute time–I’d already exhausted all the Sharon Penmann I had on hand, tried a syfi book from a friend and was avoiding reading the thrilling info about Dreamweaver tools and Flash instances for my classes, so I started digging around my tiny but disastrous room and found “Animator’s Survival Guide”.   I think the first time I read this book I didn’t fully understand it–key frames vs. straight ahead animation, timing, etc.  was all a little over my head and I still hadn’t gotten over the excitement of simply seeing my images move, no matter how jerky, vibrating, and rudimentary they were…I was finally animating.  But now, I realize that the images shouldn’t just move, they should move WELL! (and with convincing character…ugh! just when I thought I might be getting the hang of this animating thing! :-p) .

So I started again…I bought more tracing paper, a few different colors of pencils and started on my key frames.  The story for this one, is about me waiting for the bus and all the crazy people and weird stuff that happens…hey!if I’m wasting 5 hours of my day on public transit, I might as well use it!  Originally I planned to create a rather insane project for myself–“Weekly Walk Cycles” and animate one walk cycle a week, each for a different character in my story…HA! like that would happen…and it didn’t (between 3 jobs, 2 JC classes and re-animating several frames, that just wasn’t happening).   But I did finally complete part of the walk for my character last night….this is about 50 frames (shot on 2s) but I have almost 100 (I think) in rough, so my progress has been pretty good so far :-p.

So check out my newest animation…:) it doesn’t move exactly as I wanted it to, but its much smoother than my first animations (and I think has a little more character to it).  Some of the movements are still kind of wild and shaky, but I think that if I get a small light table that might help to fix it :-p or at least take some of the guess work out :).

Comments? 😛

2 thoughts on “Animation Continues!

  1. Awesome! It does look a lot smoother, and I like how animation-you starts to turn at the end.

    One thing though… you should do a “run cycle” if this is you getting to your bus :-p

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