Animation Update!

Hi all!

I know you were all anxiously waiting to find out what happens next in my thrilling Ambermation :-p.  Well you’re in luck! I just finished another second of animation…equally as thrilling as the last one. :-p   I also bought a small light table which is AMAZING! its making everything go much faster.

Well, it was faster until I realized I bought a different grade of pencil (that I don’t like yet), it comes out too dark and makes all my drawings ugly (yeah I know what you’re thinking-“sure, its the pencil”–but it is!).  Do you ever have that problem where your hand writing only looks good with certain pens and pencils…it happens to me all the time.  I love to get new pens but some times the ones that look REALLY cool just make my hand writing look sloppy and I have to go back to using the old ones for a few months and eventually the new pens grow on me :-p.

But back to the wonders of my new light table, it helps me to see where things are working and where they’re not, it makes me keep only the frames I’m working on on the table so the rest of the animation will probably line up better because I wont have a hundred pages trying to escape.  After hand drawing over 75 frames, animation is still as exciting to me as it was when I first started…I want to do nothing else!  (and usually I don’t do much else 🙂 )

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