Amber~Mation Update

Hello again!

I’ve been MIA recently mostly because of a change in my work schedule but also because I’ve been trying to fix up some of my walk animation.  I’m posting the next few seconds but bare with me I think it still needs A LOT of work (and possibly a clean up artist :-p).   I’m still experimenting and hopefully by the time I finish this project I’ll have some decent animations to show–this one still has a few mistakes.  Next I think on my list of stuff to purchase would be peg bars!! I want everything to line up just right but its been hard to get almost 200 pieces of tracing paper to line up correctly and so you’ll see a couple of jumps :(.  Other than that I need to force myself to stick to my key frames!! I deviated from that method slightly after the walk and it just didn’t work any where near as well.  (click here to check it out…I didn’t realize WordPress doesn’t support Vimeo videos)

I’ve been hanging out on the forums of Don Bluth’s Animation site–which is AWESOME by the way! Even though I haven’t yet paid for membership (its on my to-do list though!) I’m learning a lot just by reading the info on the forum and checking out the links that people post.  For example, today I watched a video about how the animator who drew the alegator in Frog Princess did the animation AND a video on what a clean up artist does…it was excellent information! I got a better idea of the order of making an animation and a much better idea of what a clean up artist actually does.  I also found a site that has free downloads of x-sheets which I’m going to use in my next part of the animation so I don’t get lost agian :-p…hopefully I can figure them out.

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