Sybil Ludington Character Designs

This semester I’m working on a new & massive project for my Adobe Illustrator Class!  I know Illustrator pretty well so I’m working on an independent study project that I developed.  I’m trying to work on getting better at creating a story and a cohesive look for my designs.  Okay, well the project’s not exactly new, I’m taking my Sybil Ludington story and making it into a children’s book illustrated in Adobe Illustrator.  So far I’ve figured out my entire story (FINALLY!) and begun making the first two pages in Adobe Illustrator.  I’ve been working on this Illustrator project all week & I’m starting to go crazy so I thought I’d post some of my progress here.

Sybil Ludington Characters
Sybil Ludinton Characters

(From Left to Right: -Top- Sybil’s Father, Mother -Bottom-Sybil’s three younger siblings, Sybil)

I’ve been working on this project for a while and its finally taking shape 🙂 more images should follow by the end of the weekend!  In the meantime I need to get going on this project!! –30  illustrated pages in one semester–go!

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