Sybil Ludington Pg2

I’m only slightly behind schedule in this massive project but so far I’ve completed two pages (and I think I should be able to catch up quick–if I could just wake up on time!)

Below is a rough of page 2 of my Sybil Ludington story (I’m still trying to come up with a really creative & catchy title–but no luck so far).

Sybil's Route, pg 2
Sybil's Route, Pg 2

(Click for a larger image)

This page shows the route that Sybil took to give readers an idea of how long it was.  This page was a bit tricky because I had to combine two maps to get the right part of New York & Connecticut.  I found an awesome colonial map of Connecticut that had Danbury (a location of an  important story point) marked but I realized when I pulled out my notes that it didn’t cover most of Sybil’s route.  So with some creative rotating & scaling I got the two maps together.  That said, its not intended to be an exact historical representation of her trip –just an interesting representation of the route she took. 🙂


One thought on “Sybil Ludington Pg2

  1. Love the map,especially the compass rose and the legend. Did you know that my grandmother (your great-grandmother) lived on your map? In Carmel, NY. Sybil was one of grandpa’s relatives, but grandma’s mother is the one living in Carmel. Boogie Boogie.

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