Windsor Sketching

Good morning! (Doesn’t it seem like morning all day long on Sundays??)

This weekend was a good weekend for art–but not so good for homework and all of the other things I ‘should’ be working on.  I finished two pages for my Sybil Ludington book –but that’s a secret project :-p and you’ll find out more about it later.  I also got in some life drawing practice with my sister this weekend–we took a walk down to Windsor’s Town Green for some drawing and perspective practice :).  We sat outside of Cafe Notos (my favorite coffee shop in Windsor!–which makes excellent whipped cream–you’d think all whipped cream would taste the same but this was really good :)! )

Here’s a couple of images from our adventures:

Windsor Sketching (Cafe Notos)
Windsor Sketching (Cafe Notos)
Windsor Sketch (Lupes & Hot Dog Shoppe)
Windsor Sketch (Lupes & Hot Dog Shoppe)

I tried out water color for the first time in a few months and they seem to be working better than I remember :). so I’m pretty happy with the images even though I think a couple of them are overworked.

Hopefully more to come! 🙂

Also, the sketch of the coffee cups can be found on my Zazzle Shoppe.  Or at least they will be available later today (since I just uploaded them a few minutes ago). 🙂

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