Sketchbook Project update!

I’m still working on my sketchbook project and biting my nails that I’ll finish before January! I’m beginning to think that I’ve got design ADD–I’ve started so many projects this month I’m starting to think I wont finish any of them! …That and I’m getting frustrated with these long term projects–I want finished work..before I get bored!….I guess I should just go work on some of these projects then :-p

Here’s my next couple of images for the Art House Co-op’s Sketchbook Project:

To Do
Sketchbook Project: To Do

I’ve been trying to get a character & feeling down on paper and this one goes a long with that design/ artist ADD :-p.  Its supposed to be that feeling when you wake up in the morning that you’re going to get everything done and be super productive and get somewhere and but the end of the day you have completed everything…or anything and you feel like you’re going no where!  Sort of how my post-Davis life is going…but hopefully I get better at this productivity thing soon!  (Also, I’ll probably make the letters more visible later…for some reason the Prismacolors don’t really like to stick to this paper :(. )

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