New Designs @ Ambermations Zazzle Shop!

Hi again! Wow! Two posts in one day, and its only 10am (my time for those of you in other time zones :-p)

I’ve posted some new products to my Zazzle shop today (its been a busy art week).

Kitty & Coffee Mouse Pad
Kitty & Coffee Mouse Pad
Kitty & Coffee Button
Kitty & Coffee Button


Kitty & Coffee Mouse Pad
Kitty & Coffee Mouse Pad



This design was actually created for my Sketchbook Project.  My theme is ‘First thing in the morning, last thing at night’ and my Kitty Hershey fits in perfectly! Every morning he gets up and makes that face at me (yep, exactly that face at me) and tries to get me to give him lots of treats :-p, then he finds a cozy place and does computer with me or fights with his friend kitties Sherekhan and Arthur (but they pretty much think he’s crazy :-p).

So whether you’re shopping for the cat-lover or the coffee-lover in your family Kitty Hershey is the perfect gift! 🙂  Find apparel, mousepads, coffee cups, and other great gifts with my Kitty & Coffee and other designs at Ambermations Zazzle Shoppe.

Also don’t forget to use the Zazzle Card Discount before 4pm today!! (HURRAY!!) 60% off of Zazzle cards, use the code:  FFHSCARD2010

Happy Shopping! 🙂

2 thoughts on “New Designs @ Ambermations Zazzle Shop!

  1. Amber,

    Your work is great. I am definitely a fan. Your art is very interesting and perfect for the products you have chosen. I have begun to offer my little images (with insistance from family). I have much to learn from people like you. The 3D and 2D are exceptional. Anxious to hear from you.

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