Good Bye 2010 & Gettin’ Ready for 2011

A Crazy Year in Review-and some more resolutions

Resolutions 2011--I'm gonna be Busy!
Resolutions 2011--I'm gonna be BUSY!

So I’ve been neglecting my blog for a bit –oops!–I’ve started working as a Graphic Artist and made an impromptu move alittle over a month ago and am just settling into my ‘real life’ (yes—anything before this was ‘practice life’ now its the real thing—and that’s scary!)

Last year I made some resolutions (actually attempted to follow them this time)—I actually made fairly obtainable goals—although I still get caught up in thinking about nebulous things like how to ‘draw better,’ ‘be less crazy’ or ‘get rich and famous’ – but hey! Who doesn’t?? I did manage to meet many of the goals I didn’t put as resolutions so I think I’m doing pretty good—like ‘get a full time job’ – okay so that’s not so specific but eventually it worked out okay.

This year I’ve got some new & improved resolutions (most of them will be more difficult but I threw in some easy ones just in case :-p)

  1. BE MORE LIKE SCARLETT O’HARA! That includes following WWSD? (What would Scarlett do?) For real—yeah even if its difficult or scary. (OH NO!–I predict trouble with this one already >.<) This year I turned out to be a Liz Lemon instead of Scarlett (nerds!) because I avoided ‘being an adult’ like the plague which only made me frustrated and disgruntled (and surrounded by middle school children, but that’s another story)
  2. Along with numero uno—be more adventurous! And that doesn’t include food (although I’m sure there’s some interesting and tasty food that I haven’t tried yet) but I’m bored and need an adventure. Okay well not like bungee jumping or sky diving but do new things and get out of my comfort zone! (anyone know where I could get a good adventure?) (talk about specific—oh boy we’re not off to a good start are we?)
  3. COMPLETE AN ANIMATED SHORT: From concept to storyboard, to animation, to inking –make a short even if the beginning sucks and the middle doesn’t make sense. Finish a short!! :-p just for practice and to finally figure out what on earth I’m doing. Walt Disney got into animation with a couple of books and some great ideas and changed it forever…now I just need to get my hands on those books!
  4. COMPLETE & PUBLISH SYBIL LUDINGTON!: Sybil needs her story told in a book written by me—so I need to fix my external hard drive and get it written!!
  5. DESIGN DESIGN DESIGN: Make more graphic design—okay well lets go back to last year’s number 1, make a new design work, page, card, graphic, Zazzle product design every week
  6. OIL PAINTING!: Spending my Saturday and Sunday Morning’s oil painting
  7. Do a weekly sketch crawl
  8. Take up life drawing again
  9. Fill up a sketchbook every month
  10. Participate in Illustration Friday EVERY week!
  11. Update my Blog (you guys will like that :-p)
  12. Spend less money on stupid things (like Starbucks! And more money on building my empire…I mean art supplies ;-p
  13. Oh yeah…learn to drive :-p and be come a ‘real adult’ to match my ‘real life’ :-p

Here’s to an awesome New Year, that’s more sane, less stressful and even better than last year! 🙂


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