Illustration Friday: “Dusty”


Hello there! Here’s my Illustration Friday image for this week (phew! I made it again!!) This time I loved my preliminary sketch in my Moleskine so much that I decided to use it for the Final.  Unfortunately I didn’t realize until now how much I love Prismacolor Markers!! They work beautifully with the Moleskine paper but I wish I had more colors now. I don’t have the right ones to make this image work (I’m afraid that too much work in the wrong colors will make everything blend into each other and be boring!) so you might be seeing updates of this one later!! 🙂

On the topic of Dusty– :-p There’s nothing more dusty and beautiful than an antique store…I’ve only been in one before but from what I remember it was pretty dusty and amazing–lots of little treasures :).

14 thoughts on “Illustration Friday: “Dusty”

    1. Thank you! That’s a favorite part of mine too–I actually got the idea from a trip to Urban Outfitters which seemed like it was trying to look like an Antique/thrift store except all the merchandise was new…silly Urban Outfitters–Old stuff is better! 🙂

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