More Figure Drawing

20 min pose
20 min pose

This weekend I attended figure drawing again at an excellent local figure drawing studio (Capital Art Center).  The models there have been excellent so far and I really enjoy going (part of my new years resolution amendments has been to attend at least twice a month–so far so good!)  It was a lot easier this week than the last time I went because I’m pretty out of practice–it took me a while at the beginning to find the right position, drawing horse, and type of pencil I wanted!

Since most of my work has been ‘cartoony’ lately I feel like I should do some regular life drawings.  I don’t want to get my illustrations all out of proportion and I still feel like I need some practice getting the anatomy and movement and weight just right in my drawings but I think I’m getting the hang of it again.  And I really love to draw people (and regular people don’t sit still this long! :-p)

All of the images were done in graphite on paper (and in my sketchbook because a spider took over my drawing board right before I was supposed to leave!) Enjoy! 🙂

10 min pose
10 min pose


1 Hour Pose
1 Hour Pose

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