Spring Cleaning–Zazzle Redesign!

Hello all, its time for Amber~mations spring cleaning!–something I just invented …right now!

I’m working on updating my Zazzle shop, blog, and other top-secret projects in the works (more on that later though!).  I’ve been thinking that I need to start creating a brand for myself.  I’d like people to remember my shop and drawings from all my projects and actually start looking for me on the web and I getting people to recognize my style and characters as ‘Ambermations’ would help.  I decided to start with a redesign of my current Zazzle shop and add the header I’ve been meaning to create for about a year and get my products nice and organized.  The shop is still in the works–I’d like to organize my tags some more and get the home page nice and straightened out but this is a good start! Check it out!  www.zazzle.com/ambermations

Zazzle Header Image

Here’s the image that I decided to use in my new header:  Its done in colored pencils on toned paper.  Someone recommended this technique to me on twitter a while ago and I’ve finally been able to try it–IT WORKS GREAT! I recommend it to anyone doing work in colored pencil :).

Check back soon for more work and those top-secret projects. :-p

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