IF: Warning

Its been a while since I’ve made the Illustration Friday deadline–but finally after a weekend at home & skipping the gym (oh darn!) I completed my illustration on time! (and even with some time to spare!) So here it is:



“Sometimes its best to pay attention to the warning signs.”  Duh-dun-dun! Well I guess these two are in for an interesting hike!

This week’s topic is warning (as you may have already guessed).  I created the image on grey toned and textured paper with Prismacolor pencils (and I finally think I’m remembering how to use them!).

I also I tried taping my drawing to a drawing board before coloring (like you’re supposed to) and the materials seemed much easier to use.  From now on I think I will make a not-so-mid-year resolution to not make any more ‘practice drawings.’  I have a horrible habit of ‘skipping steps’ in my creative process because ‘this is only a practice drawing’–ie: not something for my portfolio or for a client. Although though this leaves me less stressed and more lazy I end up frustrated with my materials, deadlines, etc and not a much to show for the hours I put into my work every night!  So no more skipping steps (even the tedious yet necessary ones)–I need to get back into the habit of doing things right for every piece! Here goes! 🙂


One thought on “IF: Warning

  1. I think you’re not alone in that we sometimes skip steps forgetting that often we’re making things harder for ourselves. Glad you made it this week. Good job. I love all the details and the variety of colors.

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