Projects, Projects, Projects…and a Helper

Hello all!

Underpainting Close Up
Underpainting Close Up

While at UCD I took A LOT of oil painting, pretty much besides drawing and the occasional animation class, that’s pretty much all I took. 🙂  But after a while of working, moving, living in a space the size of a box, and moving again I finally have time to work on some paintings again! So after a trek to the art store I transformed my apartment into a painting studio (its so multi-functional! 🙂 ) My apartment-art studio experiment actually worked better than I thought, our kitchen is just the right size–now hopefully my roommate doesn’t need to use it for a while.  Here’s some in progress pictures:

I also got my helper back last weekend after a long stay with his cousins 🙂  Kitty Hershey helped me to draw some of the prelim drawings in his own way, I’m sure he really liked all of the drawing and new stuff in my kitchen!  Hopefully they’ll be more updates soon!

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