IF: Duet

Hello there! 🙂

This week’s illustration Friday theme was ‘Duet’ and I tried to come up with an unique take on the topic–so I hope you all like ‘An Unlikely Duet’ (and this time I didn’t even mess it up too much by trying to color it! :))


‘An Unlikely Duet’ was done in pen and ink in my Moleskine sketchbook–which I still love!! I colored it with a prismacolor pen –which I also love but need to get some more interesting colors :-D.  I’ve been trying to work on character, movement and expression in my drawings and I hope that’s coming through at least a little in the one’s I’ve been posting lately.

This week has been an extremely productive week for projects for me! So far I’ve started a large painting (made up of three small ones…that should be exciting!) and am just about finished with my drawing for a gouache painting–pictures should be coming soon of both of those! Now if only I could wake up a little earlier to get some of my other projects underway!! 🙂

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