‘Bottled’ Messages

Last week I didn’t quite make the Illustration Friday deadline, but I really liked this sketch so I decided to finish it over a few lunch breaks this week.


I tried to think of anything I could for the topic ‘bottled’ but they all seemed too obvious.  Instead I decided to go with the strange associations that my brain makes–for example, I thought of all the things that you could bottle for this topic –frogs, emotions, brains, wine…and none of that seemed particularly interesting to me, but then I remembered –LETTERS! Which in and of itself is also quite boring until you think about why someone might need to send a bottled letter–their long lost love? (YUCK! sappy), to tell us where the buried treasure is? (Not quite) but definitely to let the world know that you’ve been captured by pirates so that someone will come and rescue you :-p  And there you have my picture, a girl captured by pirates casting out her last hope to be saved!

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