Sketchbook Project 2011 Kick Off

I’ve started the Sketchbook Project again from Art House Co-op (and this time I’ll finish–promise!)  My theme this year is ‘In 50 Years’ -I know most of you are thinking space ships and aliens and all the crazy technology we’ll have in 50 years, but mine will be another glimpse to my imaginary ‘future life.’  The entire book will follow the tale of  ‘Ambermations Studios’ rise through the eyes of the 74 year old me! I will share my crazy adventures, where I’ve traveled and what I’ve done! Here’s a few pictures from my start:

My Future House
Page 2

On page 1 you’ll see my future house–a little crazy but still cozy and page 2 is me instructing my grand-daughter that someday she’ll take over my AMAZING studio and page3 is my little animation studio–we maybe be small and a little crazy but we still make awesome movies!

more to come!

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