Disney Fine Artists Come to Sacramento!

Pixar Artists Post Card Front
Pixar Artists Post Card Front
Pixar Artists Post Card Back
Pixar Artists Post Card Back

Its been a very exciting weekend! I heard from a friend earlier this week that there would be a Disney Artists show at the Railroad Museum in Old Sacramento and I went to check it out with a few of my friends.  It turned out to be an excellent show-even though it was very small :), not only was the art work beautiful and original but the artists themselves were there to sign posters and post cards of the show.  I felt like I was meeting celebrities!  It was really great to see how these artists had gotten into dream jobs and they were very willing to explain how they had gotten into the career and give advice to people looking to enter it.

I was also really inspired by the work that they had made and see what UC Davis had often called ‘just illustration’ be viewed, seen, and valued as fine arts.  The work of all the artists was both creative and obviously skilled and it was great to see such excellent illustration getting recognition.  It also gave me hope that if I just make enough art and do enough drawing I’ll make it there too! 😀 Many of the artists had pursued the same path I did–by starting out as a graphic artist and moving into illustration and other fields and gave me a few tips on other places where I could get more information and feed back on my work.

Exciting! 😀 (so exciting I can’t sleep or work at the moment because my head so so full of ideas…hrmm….)

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