Of Art & Cats

Hello all!

I haven’t posted in a while & my mysterious spam comments say that no one has been looking except Russian spys…or viagra salesmen or maybe a strange combination of the two.  I was going to paint but my wisdom tooth decided to come in so now I’m trying everything [that will never work] to make it hurt less like eating chocolate & drinking more coffee so I decided to create a blog post instead.

I’ve been working on a few paintings and took this pictures awhile ago but I got side tracked with other projects, more painting, applying to a graduate program and work & I forgot to post them. But here’s some in progress painting shots so you all know I’m still alive!


My set up again!
My set up again!

I added some photos so I could try getting the colors from life & really focus on the details before my imagination takes over.


This is my palette (sometimes people think that its art) :-p!

Victorian's in Sacramento
Victorian's in Sacramento

This is my new Victorian painting (I’ve fixed the perspective since this picture & vowed to use a vanishing point from now on).

Victorian's in Sacramento 2
I can't work on just one painting

Here’s some more paintings, still working on them though.


Then Kitty Hershey came to help–this is the other way he helps, by sitting on my computer, scanner, head, printer, or anything else that should not have cats on it, but he’s a good helper anyways :).

And now my tooth feels better–ahh the blogging, chocolate, coffee cure works every time! :-p

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