I’m still here…really!

Its been quite a while since I was last able to update my blog.  As of June 20th I am now a grad student in 2D animation at the Academy of Art in a rapidly progressing summer semester.  The summer session is condensed into about half the time of a regular semester and my weeks or ‘modules’ are about 3 days long.  With working full time,  I think I will need to buy some more coffee! but so far I’ve done well in my classes so fingers crossed that I can keep it up.

In between all this grad school-mania (or rather right before), I had a short project in the works–an illustrated planner!

June Calendar Page
June Calendar Page

If you’re not organization and office supply obsessed like me then you will have some trouble understanding how exciting this is–this planner is designed to work perfectly with the way I think.  I’d been looking at finding a new planner but I couldn’t quite find the right one–most of them had something missing (like ruled weekly pages & notes sections!!) or were just plain ugly or too frilly and ‘middle school’.  So I made my own ‘Amber~mations’ themed planner complete with painting, coffee, and Amber!

I also designed weekly pages:

June Planner Page
June Planner Page

I feel like there are a few kinks to work out of this system so I only produced pages until December.  The writing space is a little small and its hard to get my hand by the binding part.  But I think  I will do a complete redesign over the Winter Break at AAU and make a better one.  I have some big plans for it and hopefully I can really get some great drawings done for that one and make it a little bit more interesting & exciting but this one was a good first try!

I’ve gotten ahead of schedule for summer classes so that I can attend AAU’s Summer Expo next weekend so hopefully you will see more art from me soon! and a great post about the expo!


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