Animation City

A couple of weeks ago  I spent the weekend in animation central!  San Francisco Academy of Art University had a special event for online students to come and experience the school and get to know some of the professors and directors in-person.  It was a really exciting event and I learned a lot–now I feel like a real student!  However, I realized that I have A LOT of work to do before I come up to the level of the rest of the school–so its back to figure drawing & projects for me–and getting done the rest of my class work x.x  Whoever said that art was the easy major sure didn’t know what they were talking about!

I didn’t get too many pictures but the ones I got were pretty cool–I’m trying to get better at that –taking pictures on adventures that is.

Early Morning Train

In order to get all of my homework done I took at 5:30am train, I was sleep deprived from homework the night before but the ride was beautiful–nice to see a sun rise on the train over some hills–ahh….hills, I miss hills.


Grad school + work + being restless and need to draw stuff means I still had homework to do before I left.  Good thing I had over an hour to kill on the train! Yay for completed discussion posts that were hopefully coherent and intelligent (because it was just after 5am).  Also, I made a point of stopping for a mocha-you need mochas for traveling–remember that! (and you need to get mochas for roommates who drop you off at the train station at 5am ;-p)

Martinez from the Train

I’ve always like the way Martinez looked from the train.  It reminds of me of Pixar’s “Incredibles” and I thought this morning it was especially industrial and beautiful–and that truck posed nicely for the picture too!

Oo Look! A bridge!

On the Bay bridge I think.   I rarely ever go on this bridge, its pretty but not as pretty as the Golden Gate.

SF from the Bus

I love this picture! But I just wish I was sitting on the other side of the bus so I didn’t have so many pesky people in the way of my shot.  I think the colors are beautiful and I love that shade of green on the hill–I think its Coit Tower? Maybe?

At the Summer Expo there were so many excellent artists and works on the walls from current and previous students, it was very inspiring and daunting at the same time.  I took a class in Character Design (which isn’t normally one of your first classes) and was amazed by the work I saw around me!  I felt like I needed to get some more practice in–a lot more! so I started going to the figure drawing studio in Sacramento again and practicing from a slideshow type website in the mornings before work.  Its been helping but I feel like I still have a lot of work to do!  Here’s some of the figure drawings that actually came out semi-well:

(also the photos above are in the slide show too–I couldn’t figure out how to get them outta there on WordPress)

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I was attempting to focus on finishing the figuring and giving them a character which I think has boiled down to giving them a face period. Normally I avoid that because its, well…hard, but I’m now actively trying to avoid avoiding it :).

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