Painting Progress

School starts again in about 4 days–I’m both excited and dreading it.  I feel like I haven’t gotten as much as I would have liked to get done in the last two weeks but I’m also dying to start classes again and really see my drawings improve (plus I just got all of my supplies in the mail and its like getting an early Christmas present and I just want to use all of my new toys!) 😀

Here’s the progress on my latest painting, I’m determined to finish it before classes starts and then start some more!

Victorian Houses
Victorian Houses

I think that I have finally started to work out a lot of the perspective problems and the space is much more believable.  This is almost finished but I need to wait for it to dry to add some more details and colors to the second house but it has improved a lot since I started it a couple of months ago…here’s a comparison of the two images below.

Victorian Paintings     Victorian Houses


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