Grad School Round II

Okay so I’m into my third week of grad school at a Academy of Art and with actual art classes! The classes are really pushing me to get better and are probably the hardest I’ve ever taken. For those of you who are my Facebook friends you know that I have a love-hate but mostly hate-hate relationship with “Drawing from Imagination”–its a class on perspective–extreme perspective so that when we’re making things up it will look and feel real but its amazingly difficult and has one ‘right’ answer to every assignment.  We’re no longer graded on effort and that’s tough! but I guess I will just have to develop some awesome skills 🙂

Here’s my first complete drawing for imagination assignment, a one point street

With a moped
A Street Scene, with a moped

Now on to two point perspective- more figure drawing and even less sleep! But its still fun (until I get a critique that is! :-D)

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