Drawing From Imagination Update!

Okay–I will beat Drawing From Imagination yet!   This drawing is what I just submitted to Drawing From Imagination (on time & with only a moderate amount of panic I might add) but it will probably still need to be resubmitted because the one corner looks obviously digitally painted and out of place.  I intended to crop it to get rid of the distorted parts (distorted because that’s the nature of 3-pt perspective, not because I’m covering up mistakes) but I didn’t plot any crop lines until I got it into photoshop and realized that I was loosing a bunch of the most awesome parts of the picture.  I’ll have to go back in and fix up the corners and fix Maude up a little too but this week we’re learning to do people in perspective!  Overall I’m pretty happy with it..finally–check back for updates!

Maude's Escape


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