Drawing People

Wow! Before I entered grad school I really wanted to be pushed to improve…now I sort of wish they’d go back to grading on effort for a couple assignments!  I AM improving however–and here are some of the things I’ve been working on.

Maude & Geoffrey

Here are my clothed figures of Maude stabbing Geoffrey–if you read Sharon Penmann’s books you may know what I’m talking about but not remember this part!  That’s because it never really happened but I’m pretty sure it would have because Maude was the exact opposite of the prissy princesses we see in films now–she waged a decades long war to when her throne back and Geoffrey (her pompous, underling husband) always knew who was boss, even if he would never admit it.

Woman Portrait

Here’s a portrait of a woman that I thought came out pretty good from my figure drawing class–we’re working on doing ages and I think she was a little above middle age in the picture (if this looks like you its probably intentional because I just found the photo on flicker so if you don’t want to be drawn, now is the time to figure out your privacy settings :-p).  This was a particularly challenging assignment and I hope that I am getting close to getting structure and expression and age in my drawings but I guess I’ll have to wait until grading to find out.

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