Class is OVER!

I survived my first actual studio-semester of Grad school and now I’m finally one full-time semester in.  The semester was tough–tough like nothing else I’ve tried to pursue. ever.  but I survived mostly intact and will do even better next semester!  I am still working out the kinks between working full time and going to school part time but I think I have things worked out and have been producing much better work than I was at the beginning of this semester.  Here’s to a great break and a much better 2nd studio semester!

Oh…and by popular request here’s my finished piece from Drawing From Imagination–there’s still parts I’m not happy with but I think it came out pretty good (and I hope my instructor thinks so too!).  Here it is:

Snow White Illustration

In other news, I’ve been getting a lot of hits on my blog for “Sybil Ludington” (awesome!) and I will be resuming work on that this week and through out the break–I’m hoping to publish it in 2012 if I can finish much of it before AAUs break ends.  Unfortunately I learned the hard way last year that portable external HDs are a dangerous place to store your only files and this year I’ve learned so much that I think I might be tempted to take a few pages back to the drawing board!! But keep your eye’s peeled for Sybil and possibly some future Zazzle up-dates

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