Oh no! 2012 already??

Happy New Year!! Its 2012 and we survived and its about time for a New Year’s Blog post (you thought you were gonna get away without reading one of this weren’t you–too late!)

I wrote this post a few days ago (on actual new years) but I didn’t have any art scanned for it yet so I didn’t get around to posting it.  Then my new printer, which is the size of a small horse, came in and I had to set it up …and try to stuff my roommate in the box (which worked!!)

Sketches & Studies 1

I’ve been working on some studies these last few days (in addition to Museum and urban sketching!) and here’s what I’ve done so far, I want to get better at drawing hands and faces and people so I’ve been making a lot of these sketches.

Tree Studies

I’ve been hearing that 2011 was the ‘worst year ever’ and with 2012 on the horizon I can’t quite decide what I think about 2011, I have been a Graphic Artist for a year (as my job title too!) and started graduate school in my real passion—2D animation (like films in Black & White—animation is always better in 2D) but I didn’t quite get Sybil finished and never learned to drive (is that really necessary?)–Oh well. It wasn’t perfect but it WAS better than 2010!

Sketches & Studies 2

Some heads that some how got progressively worse as I drew them…hmmm I need to do EVEN MORE I guess.

Head Studies (I need more of these!)

New Year’s Resolutions!! (You thought you got away without reading those didn’t u??


  1. Follow WWSD? That is be more like Scarlett O’Hara & less like Liz Lemon—seriously will this one ever get off the list? I don’t think even Liz Lemon wanted to be Liz Lemon so why would I? I’ll be Scarlett instead and with work, grad school, life and a looming quarter-life crisis I will really need to follow this one! 😀
  2. Perfect & Finish Sybil Ludington: Lets face it, the world needs Sybil..and MY ideas and movies and stuff so I better hurry up and finish that.
  3. No. More. Cs. That’s right grad school—you will not win—I will no longer be accepting Cs and right about now is a good time to refer to #1…. “As God as my witness….” right? ) If I have to hole myself up in my studio, deactivate my Facebook (*gasp*), silence my phone and give up sleep for the next 3 months (and drink more coffee—but that’s not really a sacrifice, is it?) I will pass this classes (and I mean REALLY pass these classes).
  4. Finish my Sketchbook Project: what’s that? I almost forgot oops…not to a good start on that one already.
  5. Start a Sketch Journal (and draw in it every day this time…not just once.)
  6. Go to Figure Drawing at least 2 times a week. (who doesn’t need that??)
  7. Go on regular sketchcrawls.
  8. Produce one awesome animated short!
  9. Go. To. France. (and animate awesome stuff there).
  10. More adventures—of the crazy adventurous sort :-p



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