Sacramento Sketchin’

Hello again! Its been a pretty good week for sketching here in Sacramento.  I found a new place for figure drawing–Pompsicle–where they do costume figure drawing & it was an awesome place to draw–check them out here (  Here’s some of the sketches that I did–the poses are 5-20 minutes in a 3 hour session with a costume change! It was definitely a nice break from the nude figure drawing I’ve been doing which was getting a little repetitive.  Also this will help with developing characters and making figure drawings with ‘an opinion’ because you can make up a story about the model’s pose and really get practice at pushing the pose to fit a story.


Yesterday I also got some sketching done in Old Town Sacramento for my layout class–we’re doing an old Western Town for this assignment and I needed some inspiration–also I need to see what the streets looked like in real life because I couldn’t quite picture a good composition.  Here they are, I hope I  can get some more sketching done in the next few weeks as well :).

Stay tuned for some animation! 🙂




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