Hi! I’m Back!

Okay, so some of you may think that I am dead–the good news is I’m not!–just in grad school ;-p.   I just finished my classes last night at about 10pm–everything exported, submitted and uploaded–HURRAY! I haven’t been posting lately because I have barely had time to finish my assignments or do normal people things like sleep & laundry–but I did it! and now my clothes will be folded, work will stop thinking I’m homeless and I can sort out the tornado that’s gone through my house (which I’m sure is all my roommates’ faults–:-p) but first I gotta start some more projects! (You really know you are in the right career choice when after 4 weeks of consecutive 12 hour+ days of work/animation/and more animation, you can’t wait to get done so you can start a NEW animation & illustration adventure instead of being excited over the prospect of actually getting some sleep 🙂 )

Here is my animation final for the semester:

99 hours of work, 42+ cups of coffee, one art studio rented, 400+ sheets of animation paper, 2 pencils, one stick eraser later and that’s the result–hope you like it!

Don't Believe me--look @ all this paper!
400 Frames?? Don’t believe me? Look at all this paper!

In Other news:

2110 Gallery, 2110 K Street Sacramento
Welcome to my Studio
2110 Gallery, 2011 K Street Sacramento


Speaking of this art studio thing–I am also renting at a local at studio in Sacramento–if you find yourself in Sacramento on a Saturday from 11am-5pm come and stop by to say “Hi!”and see me working (like a zoo!–now that classes are done I might actually talk to you :-P) You can find my studio at 2110 Gallery coincidentally located at 2110 K Street in midtown Sacramento–check me out on their website!  Also if you’re in town for 2nd Saturday or preview Thursday stop by, its a really fun gallery with lots of other AMAZING artists and good food & music on preview Thursday!

Layout Assignment–a pan–oo ahh!

That’s a pan for my layout class–in case you’re wondering if I do anything but work on my animation assignment :).

Cheers! ’till next time!

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