I’m Still here! (and still working)

Hello again, did you miss me? I swear I’m not & haven’t been dead–just busy!  After the semester I took a short but amazing vacation to a gouache & water color workshop in SF taught by Erik Teimens and then an animal drawing workshop taught by David Coleman in LA (with Disneyland in between of course!) I imaged my self coming out of these workshops with amazing artwork that I could frame but really that wans’t the case these were both great workshops but they were mostly exercises and techniques for later (and didn’t impart me with some major painting and drawing skills–darn.)  They did however help me learn how to draw & paint better–and here are some examples of a couple of gouache paintings I’m working now–


I just might be getting the hang of it–but it still needs some refining.

Also if you are in the Sacramento area July 14th there will be an open studio 2nd Saturday event all day–come stop by and see my art @ 2110 Gallery 2210 K Street Sacramento, 95816 come see the latest developments on Sybil & buy  some awesome art :).

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