Back to Work

Sybil is moving steadily but more slowly than I would like and as we speak more projects are coming up!  Here’s what I’ve been working on lately.  More will be coming soon but I’ve been really working hard on Sybil and other projects in my studio and don’t have much finished to show just yet–but I will soon!!

Head Sketches

I’ve been working on trying to make more three dimensional and volumentric heads and characters.  Normally I do a page of hand sketches a day to practice making dynamic hands and that’s really helping so now I’m adding a page of sketched heads and expressions as well, hopefully that works & once I find my Andrew Loomis book I should really start improving.


Animation Turnaround

I’m finally getting a chance to work on an animation–a while ago the 11 second club had a mini challenge about track and field so i’m working on animation of a school-aged long jumper–hopefully it turns out okay!

Clothed Figure Drawing
Clothed Figure Drawing

I love clothed figure drawing and the characters at Pompscicle in Sac are always so excited to model!

Sybil Study

Of Course all of this works leads up to Sybil Ludington–still working on her character and background–this time around I want to do it right-keep watching for it!!






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