Starting to look like Animation

This is finally starting to look like animation–and Sybil is back! My idea for this assignment was Sybil pulling a trunk out from under her bed!

Check it out on my Tumblr site  unfortunately WordPress wants you to upgrade to load videos–which makes me sad, but you’ll just have to click the link and take my word for it that its awesome!


Storyboaring Again!

These are some roughs for my storyboarding class–probably many, many changes ahead but here’s my take on a couple of people walking down the street and something falls from the sky–how does it read??

Loving this storyboaring stuff? Checkout my other one over at my tumblr–


Here are a set of presentation boards for this silly product called “Trunk Monkey” yeah its weird but its what we had to do for class this week.  I spent way too much time developing this and on the characters and poses and not enough time animating!! Must get that worked out….

Trunk Monkey-FIghting Kids Edition

With three sisters this is pretty much how I spent my childhood–just kidding! We’d have never survived the car ride like this—but the mom in the first panel is based on actual events–who doesn’t remember the evil eye through the rearview mirror??

Hi! I’m Back!

Okay, so some of you may think that I am dead–the good news is I’m not!–just in grad school ;-p.   I just finished my classes last night at about 10pm–everything exported, submitted and uploaded–HURRAY! I haven’t been posting lately because I have barely had time to finish my assignments or do normal people things like sleep & laundry–but I did it! and now my clothes will be folded, work will stop thinking I’m homeless and I can sort out the tornado that’s gone through my house (which I’m sure is all my roommates’ faults–:-p) but first I gotta start some more projects! (You really know you are in the right career choice when after 4 weeks of consecutive 12 hour+ days of work/animation/and more animation, you can’t wait to get done so you can start a NEW animation & illustration adventure instead of being excited over the prospect of actually getting some sleep 🙂 )

Here is my animation final for the semester:

99 hours of work, 42+ cups of coffee, one art studio rented, 400+ sheets of animation paper, 2 pencils, one stick eraser later and that’s the result–hope you like it!

Don't Believe me--look @ all this paper!
400 Frames?? Don’t believe me? Look at all this paper!

In Other news:

2110 Gallery, 2110 K Street Sacramento
Welcome to my Studio
2110 Gallery, 2011 K Street Sacramento


Speaking of this art studio thing–I am also renting at a local at studio in Sacramento–if you find yourself in Sacramento on a Saturday from 11am-5pm come and stop by to say “Hi!”and see me working (like a zoo!–now that classes are done I might actually talk to you :-P) You can find my studio at 2110 Gallery coincidentally located at 2110 K Street in midtown Sacramento–check me out on their website!  Also if you’re in town for 2nd Saturday or preview Thursday stop by, its a really fun gallery with lots of other AMAZING artists and good food & music on preview Thursday!

Layout Assignment–a pan–oo ahh!

That’s a pan for my layout class–in case you’re wondering if I do anything but work on my animation assignment :).

Cheers! ’till next time!

Head Turn Update

I made some edits to my head turn animation–here is the final one.  I’m really starting to learn how much thought, planning, and concentration goes into making an animation! With all the trouble getting my character’s head shape consistent I completely forgot about my spacing and movement –yikes! I will not forget that again!

More Animation!

Hello Everyone–I think that today must be a miracle (30 Rock says that its because Leap Day is coming!) but I finished all of my homework for my classes and its only 9pm and I’m not even freaking out–well..yet–they haven’t been graded yet.  Oh the wonders of not procrastinating…I should do that more often.  Here is what I submitted for my animation assignment this week–its a head turn.  At first I hated it but after a few edits (and a very late night) its starting to grow on me.

Animation, Animation, Animation!

If you’re my Facebook friend then you know that this has been my status update for quite a few days weeks, okay well maybe the last two weeks.  But I’m finally taking an animation course in 2D character animation at the Academy of Art–its AMAZING! and I am actually getting the hang of this whole animation stuff.  This is what I worked on this weekend, it has a few edits to do on it to make the cycle smoother–but I’m pretty happy with it!

Animation City

A couple of weeks ago  I spent the weekend in animation central!  San Francisco Academy of Art University had a special event for online students to come and experience the school and get to know some of the professors and directors in-person.  It was a really exciting event and I learned a lot–now I feel like a real student!  However, I realized that I have A LOT of work to do before I come up to the level of the rest of the school–so its back to figure drawing & projects for me–and getting done the rest of my class work x.x  Whoever said that art was the easy major sure didn’t know what they were talking about!

I didn’t get too many pictures but the ones I got were pretty cool–I’m trying to get better at that –taking pictures on adventures that is.

Early Morning Train

In order to get all of my homework done I took at 5:30am train, I was sleep deprived from homework the night before but the ride was beautiful–nice to see a sun rise on the train over some hills–ahh….hills, I miss hills.


Grad school + work + being restless and need to draw stuff means I still had homework to do before I left.  Good thing I had over an hour to kill on the train! Yay for completed discussion posts that were hopefully coherent and intelligent (because it was just after 5am).  Also, I made a point of stopping for a mocha-you need mochas for traveling–remember that! (and you need to get mochas for roommates who drop you off at the train station at 5am ;-p)

Martinez from the Train

I’ve always like the way Martinez looked from the train.  It reminds of me of Pixar’s “Incredibles” and I thought this morning it was especially industrial and beautiful–and that truck posed nicely for the picture too!

Oo Look! A bridge!

On the Bay bridge I think.   I rarely ever go on this bridge, its pretty but not as pretty as the Golden Gate.

SF from the Bus

I love this picture! But I just wish I was sitting on the other side of the bus so I didn’t have so many pesky people in the way of my shot.  I think the colors are beautiful and I love that shade of green on the hill–I think its Coit Tower? Maybe?

At the Summer Expo there were so many excellent artists and works on the walls from current and previous students, it was very inspiring and daunting at the same time.  I took a class in Character Design (which isn’t normally one of your first classes) and was amazed by the work I saw around me!  I felt like I needed to get some more practice in–a lot more! so I started going to the figure drawing studio in Sacramento again and practicing from a slideshow type website in the mornings before work.  Its been helping but I feel like I still have a lot of work to do!  Here’s some of the figure drawings that actually came out semi-well:

(also the photos above are in the slide show too–I couldn’t figure out how to get them outta there on WordPress)

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I was attempting to focus on finishing the figuring and giving them a character which I think has boiled down to giving them a face period. Normally I avoid that because its, well…hard, but I’m now actively trying to avoid avoiding it :).

Disney Fine Artists Come to Sacramento!

Pixar Artists Post Card Front
Pixar Artists Post Card Front
Pixar Artists Post Card Back
Pixar Artists Post Card Back

Its been a very exciting weekend! I heard from a friend earlier this week that there would be a Disney Artists show at the Railroad Museum in Old Sacramento and I went to check it out with a few of my friends.  It turned out to be an excellent show-even though it was very small :), not only was the art work beautiful and original but the artists themselves were there to sign posters and post cards of the show.  I felt like I was meeting celebrities!  It was really great to see how these artists had gotten into dream jobs and they were very willing to explain how they had gotten into the career and give advice to people looking to enter it.

I was also really inspired by the work that they had made and see what UC Davis had often called ‘just illustration’ be viewed, seen, and valued as fine arts.  The work of all the artists was both creative and obviously skilled and it was great to see such excellent illustration getting recognition.  It also gave me hope that if I just make enough art and do enough drawing I’ll make it there too! 😀 Many of the artists had pursued the same path I did–by starting out as a graphic artist and moving into illustration and other fields and gave me a few tips on other places where I could get more information and feed back on my work.

Exciting! 😀 (so exciting I can’t sleep or work at the moment because my head so so full of ideas…hrmm….)