Great Goddess


My mythology course required a sketch this week as commentary on the Great Goddess.  The topic was pretty interesting and discussed how at one time we saw many contradictory aspects in the Goddess and how it is an ancient idea that we lost with time and changing perceptions of women.  The contradictory nature of the Goddess traits made me think of the emotions in Pixar’s Inside Out because I was struck by how well rounded and dynamic the original version of the Goddess was–she represented motherhood & sexuality, civilization & nature, and tradition & transformation (the character I drew is also representing ‘clairvoyance’ which in this article went a long with transformation).  That is just a few of the traits that She embodied.

For the drawing part of this–I tried to get my sketch to show more character and not be ‘just a pretty picture’ as I’m often critiqued for.   I don’t think I’ve quite nailed that yet so I’ll have to give it another go in my next illustration/sketch–remember–specific characters Amber, specific characters with specific emotions/thoughts/etc!!



Warm ups — Turns Out They’re Kind of Important

Its been a pretty intense couple of weeks (midterms + my thesis have made me a bit crazy!) but I thought I’d make a post of some of the sketches I’ve been working on.

Recently I’ve started doing warm up drawings pretty regularly. I used to do them occasionally when I felt like I ‘had time’ but it wasn’t a normal part of my drawing practice.  I knew that warm-up drawings were ‘good for you’ but I never really understood what is was you got out of them until just now.  For me they’re a way to get out all my ‘bad ideas’ and ‘bad drawings’ so that I can start stiff and get looser and get lost in making an idea rather than just shapes or a ‘pretty picture’ (my most dreaded and most often told critique!!)  They also help on days when I’m feeling exhausted and pretty inspired–I can turn on a quick show and just draw sort of whatever comes to mind–like pictures of me drinking coffee or looking tired or scenes from books I’ve been reading or weird ideas and concepts I see on Tumblr. I’m learning that my best ideas are definitely NOT my first and often I’m not even sure what I want to do on my first drawing but they get better as I go…So far I think it might also be helping my animation –which has gotten more loose at the beginning and I feel like I can more confidently get my poses right or at least work on them until the ARE right.  So more warm-ups it is! 🙂

When you need to loosen up…

When you need to loosen up apparently you need need to draw on a bumby train–here’s a few sketches from my train ride home last night.  Usually the train is bouncy and too annoying to write or draw but the internet wasn’t working so I started trying to get more into story and character in a few sketches–some sketches are of me on a train, and from a medieval book I keep trying to read and a myth we just read for my mythology class–pretty fun! I’ll have to make a habit out of this.

Hopefully  I’ll be able to turn a couple of them into Inktobers and catch up tonight!


If you came out to 2nd Saturday last weekend and saw me in my studio, chances are you saw me working on this little sketch–

Actually none of you would have seen THIS board, because I redid it–but if you did you can see the vast difference in character and story telling from my last board–hurray! I’m taking a storyboarding class this semester and had to board a personal experience and I decided to board what happens when I work on my homework and other art work at home, I guess you all know the real reason I got that studio now! Just kidding…kinda….

Some Life Sketching

Working on some sketching from life, turns out its the perfect thing to do at a baseball game …or on your lunch break 🙂

Attempting to get more into simplified forms and character in the movements.

Getting more into character and movement by drawing the people at a baseball game–so that’s what you do at a baseball game. 🙂

Back to Work

Sybil is moving steadily but more slowly than I would like and as we speak more projects are coming up!  Here’s what I’ve been working on lately.  More will be coming soon but I’ve been really working hard on Sybil and other projects in my studio and don’t have much finished to show just yet–but I will soon!!

Head Sketches

I’ve been working on trying to make more three dimensional and volumentric heads and characters.  Normally I do a page of hand sketches a day to practice making dynamic hands and that’s really helping so now I’m adding a page of sketched heads and expressions as well, hopefully that works & once I find my Andrew Loomis book I should really start improving.


Animation Turnaround

I’m finally getting a chance to work on an animation–a while ago the 11 second club had a mini challenge about track and field so i’m working on animation of a school-aged long jumper–hopefully it turns out okay!

Clothed Figure Drawing
Clothed Figure Drawing

I love clothed figure drawing and the characters at Pompscicle in Sac are always so excited to model!

Sybil Study

Of Course all of this works leads up to Sybil Ludington–still working on her character and background–this time around I want to do it right-keep watching for it!!






Figure Drawing

So I’m a little addicted to this brown pen and black ink drawings (and just heard on a Radio Lab podcast that might be an indication that I’m losing my mind but I’ll think about that tomorrow)–today I have some nice clothed figure drawings for you.  These were done at Pompscicle (a clothed figure drawing group in Sac–they can be found on Facebook).  Although I wasn’t particularly into the styling for this session I always love how into the role the models are!  From what I understand this model was a ‘badass zombie killer’ or something like that 🙂 enjoy!