New at Amber~mations!

Hello all!! Amber~mations has launched a new Facebook page–to get more frequent updates like my page at!!  If you’re looking for Amber~Mations art but can’t make it out to Sacramento this Saturday fine art prints will be available at my Society6 storefront!  Take a look around! And of course Amber~mations gifts can still be purchased at my Zazzle Shop!   Hope to see you in person 2nd Saturday or virtually!


Spring Cleaning–Zazzle Redesign!

Hello all, its time for Amber~mations spring cleaning!–something I just invented …right now!

I’m working on updating my Zazzle shop, blog, and other top-secret projects in the works (more on that later though!).  I’ve been thinking that I need to start creating a brand for myself.  I’d like people to remember my shop and drawings from all my projects and actually start looking for me on the web and I getting people to recognize my style and characters as ‘Ambermations’ would help.  I decided to start with a redesign of my current Zazzle shop and add the header I’ve been meaning to create for about a year and get my products nice and organized.  The shop is still in the works–I’d like to organize my tags some more and get the home page nice and straightened out but this is a good start! Check it out!

Zazzle Header Image

Here’s the image that I decided to use in my new header:  Its done in colored pencils on toned paper.  Someone recommended this technique to me on twitter a while ago and I’ve finally been able to try it–IT WORKS GREAT! I recommend it to anyone doing work in colored pencil :).

Check back soon for more work and those top-secret projects. :-p

‘Ahh!’ Yoga Time! :)

Yoga Workout Tee

If you know me, you know that if there’s one thing I hate–its Exercise! But in the last month I’ve been doing some Yoga at my local gym and actually enjoying it! (*gasp*) Its the only type of exercise (besides dance) that I don’t have to drag my self to the gym to do! Its relaxing and I’m the closest I’ve ever been to touching my toes!! (which IS an accomplishment by the way).

In honor of my new found love of (some) exercise I’ve started a line of Yoga wear and gifts at my Zazzle Shoppe.  At the moment you can find two designs but more are on their way!! So get excited about those new years resolutions and get your work out gear at Amber~mations! (you know you’d be much more likely to workout with a shirt like this–I know I am! :-p)

New Designs @ Ambermations Zazzle Shop!

Hi again! Wow! Two posts in one day, and its only 10am (my time for those of you in other time zones :-p)

I’ve posted some new products to my Zazzle shop today (its been a busy art week).

Kitty & Coffee Mouse Pad
Kitty & Coffee Mouse Pad
Kitty & Coffee Button
Kitty & Coffee Button


Kitty & Coffee Mouse Pad
Kitty & Coffee Mouse Pad



This design was actually created for my Sketchbook Project.  My theme is ‘First thing in the morning, last thing at night’ and my Kitty Hershey fits in perfectly! Every morning he gets up and makes that face at me (yep, exactly that face at me) and tries to get me to give him lots of treats :-p, then he finds a cozy place and does computer with me or fights with his friend kitties Sherekhan and Arthur (but they pretty much think he’s crazy :-p).

So whether you’re shopping for the cat-lover or the coffee-lover in your family Kitty Hershey is the perfect gift! 🙂  Find apparel, mousepads, coffee cups, and other great gifts with my Kitty & Coffee and other designs at Ambermations Zazzle Shoppe.

Also don’t forget to use the Zazzle Card Discount before 4pm today!! (HURRAY!!) 60% off of Zazzle cards, use the code:  FFHSCARD2010

Happy Shopping! 🙂

Happy Thanksgiving with Amber~Mations! :)


Happy Thanksgiving! Cup
Happy Thanksgiving! Cup


Are you having a difficult Turkey Day? Don’t worry so is Sybil! These new Thanksgiving products from Amber~mations are humorous sneak-peak into the upcoming book about Sybil’s Ride (also by Amber~mations–stay tuned for the release date!) Be the first to get one of the beautiful designs and support the debut of  Revolutionary Heroine.


Happy Thanksgiving!
Happy Thanksgiving! Sticker


I’ve been working a lot on my Sybil project…I mean secret project…:-p and its going great! I’m a bit behind be I’ll catch up soon and get some more pages finished and hopefully have the book out by January :).  I really like how the book is coming out & I’m really excited to actually finish it!  (Check below for some earlier Sybil pages and more about the book)  In the meantime celebrate Thanksgiving with Sybil and watch for more designs from Amber~mations.   Get your Sybil gifts here:!


Happy Thanksgiving! Card
Happy Thanksgiving! Card


Happy Halloween with Amber~mations!

In between working on my secret project:  I’ve uploaded some new products to my Zazzle Shoppe this morning—just in time for Halloween! (Finally made it on time for a major holiday!)  So get ready to celebrate your Halloween Victorian style :-p with these creepy cards and apparel!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The design is an original design by me that was hand drawn and colored in Adobe Illustrator.  Check it out at Amber~mations Zazzle Shoppe and celebrate Halloween in style! 🙂

Another Zazzle Sale!

Hello again! 🙂

My Zazzling has been going quite well lately, if you’re reading this regularly, you know that I a few weeks ago I made my first sale at! I’ve had this shop opened since January but until last month, I hadn’t sold anything. I was beginning to think that this wasn’t going to work at all and that I would never make the $25 mark and see my work actually pay off but today I sold another product! I sold 10 copies of my “Good Morning” Pins. Yep…for Ambermations it was a good morning :-p

"Good Morning" Button

Zazzle Update!

Last week I made my first sale at my Zazzle Shop! I sold 50 sheets of my “Mystic Goblet” stationary :).

Mystical Goblet Stationary
I sold 50 of these!

This came as a complete surprise because I haven’t done too much marketing or new uploads to the shop recently. I’ve been busy with class and somewhere between 3 and 4 jobs. (yay…work…>.<) and haven’t really kept up with joining fan clubs or commenting on other work and I’d thought that most Zazzlers had forgotten about Amber~Mations…nope!  50 is a pretty big sale for the first one so I’m really excited about it…I’m inching closer and closer to being considered a professional artist!

After recieving the news that my Zazzle Shoppe was functioning and someone out that is actually looking at my stuff, i was inspired to make some more! So I uploaded a few images that have been sitting on my flash drive for a few weeks:

Elegant Wedding Card
Elegant Wedding Card

The first is a set of Wedding congratulations cards and Thank You cards.  This was actually a design I made for a co-workers wedding but I didn’t get time to print it out before we left for the ceremony…too bad I didn’t know weddings always run 3 hours late!

This is a design I created for one of my Flash animations.  If I have a quarter life crisis and realize I still can’t drive at 30, I will buy one of these…it will be an obnoxious green (and sparkly) scooter with bumper stickers and it will not will ‘meep’ 🙂

Hope you enjoy the new images! Check out my Zazzle Shop here: Amber~mations Shoppe


New Zazzle Products!

So far my  Zazzle Shop is going great!! Over the last few weeks my fan club as grown to 21 members and I’ve had an enormous increase in the traffic to my page (which I hope after setting up a Stat Counter wont turn out to be all me!)

Amber~mations uploaded new products! (and with even more to come soon!)

Products featuring the new ‘Colonial Times’ designs can be purchased through the Amber~mations Shoppe at

The ‘Colonial Times’ design is based of my work-in-progress animation about Sybil Ludington (which you’ll hopefully see more of in the future).  The design was created using Adobe Illustrator (I love vector art!).  So come and take a look at some of my new products! and keep a look out for the animation! 🙂