Autodesk Maya Models

August 3, 2009

Hi again!

I’ve been doing more work on my model, its been awhile since I last posted because I’ve been working on figuring out digital painting in Photoshop to make the textures and its taken me a while to figure out.  But now I’ve finally got the hang of it and WOW! it looks awesome :)!  I will definitely have to go back and update my old models and make the textures in Photoshop

WIP textures made in Photoshop
WIP textures made in Photoshop

And the more stunning front view:

WIP Front Vatican textured
WIP Front Vatican textured

This is still a Work in Progress–I’m still touching up the texture and have a few more parts to textures but I just wanted to see what it looked like on the model.


Here’s the work in progress of my latest model at work :)…

Its my first time making human-shaped models for the statues , so they’re kinda funky looking. I’m also really working on getting the model overall to be more detailed.  Everything is in polygons, I attempted to make the robes for the models in ncloth but for now that got frustrating!

Here’s a close-up of the latest statute! :)… coming soon…

Here’s what I know you’re waiting for — a turn table close up of one of the statues!


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